Wave CE
World First Full-time Speech Controlled 5.0 inch road assistant.

Imagine a device which meets your all requirements.

     Onboard Diagnostic,
     GPS Navigation,
     and many more features...
Mini box DVB-S2 SettopBox
Xbmc box based on Android DVBS2

Supports market applications and apk installations

     IP TV,
     XBMC with DVBS2 integrated,
     USB keyboard and tracker,
     usb cam,
     and many more features.

     Check out for amazing features of G-Box..
Mini Scart DVB-S
Most stronger Mini scart DVB-S of the market.

     Cost effective,
     Defective rate is less than 0.5%
     Reliable and stable hardware&software,
     Customization is welcome for volume orders.
Mini HD DVB-S2
Real Mini HD DVB-S2 with Scart Output

Cost Effective,
Low Power & Low heat,
USB mass storage & USB play,
Short Circuit Protection.
     Please contact us for OEM orders.
in-vehicle Infotaintment
Xbmc based on Android DVB-T/S2 infotaintment system

In-vehicle infotaintment system including;

     IP TV,
     XBMC with DVBS2 integrated,
     Cam integration,
     and many more features...
     Please contact us for OEM orders.
Xbmc box based on Android DVBS2 projection

     1280x800 WXGA Projection System,
     IP TV,
     XBMC with DVBS2 integrated,
     USB keyboard and tracker,
     HDMI 1080p,
     usb cam,

Coming soon..
United Technic (HONG KONG) Limited is a leading solution design company based in Hong Kong. We dedicated to arm linux kernel driver development, pcb design, system development and integration.

Since United Technic (HK) Limited was found, we build with a image of the most reliable and customer-friendly. We committed to deliver comprehensive, integrated IT solutions and service to meet the needs of our customers.
Instead of being a box mover in IT industry, we are providing innovate and develop the breakthrough IT solutions to our customers, meanwhile, value our customers' business in this fast-evolving market environment.

Our service are supported by our experienced engineers.

Company profile
Embedded product design,
Software porting services,
Android, WinCE/Linux based software developing,
DSP solutions for car and deck manufacturers,
Object tracking systems,
Visual display systems,
Analog/Digital TV and vehicle infotaintment  systems,
Oem solutions.

Please contact us for specific inquires and more details.

As a system developer, manufacturer and integrator
Why choose us?
Partner program
New technologies
We have oem partner programs for navigation device manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers&distributors, car manufacturers, and oems.

Companies who are interested in our products&services, feel free to contact us, we are going to present partnership program. If you have oem inquires, please click
here to fill the oem partner form.
Proffessional solutions,
Flexiable and multi platform support,
Experienced engineering support,
From High-End to Low-End solutions,

Please contact us for more.
Bored to use older technologies?

To get rid of mature technology contact us
today !

United Technic Turkey office will start in 2015 Jan
UT will setup solution turnkey  system company in istanbul in 2015 Jan.
United Technic has adopted its speech reco system to TV applications
UT has adopted speech recognition on Smart TV systems including Linux and Android OS. The new technology allows end-users to directly speak&search TV channel name and media broadcastand  EPG content.
United Technic has built Android DVB for aid people.
UT has built Android DVB-S2 set-top box including visual eye gestures for users in aid.
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