The smart system listens you all the time and achieve  commands&controls. In addition, the system is equipped with an enhanced VAD+Filter system which seperates in car noise and background music from user's speech.

speak with it!
Users do not need to click on buttons on user interface to command the system. The device will guide you for the available commands and controls.
Supported speech languages are English, French and Turkish.
It is listening you

My friends
Builtin bluetooth chip allows you pair mobile phones to dial numbers and to connect GPRS for internet Browser.

As usual, the smart system is also connected to bluetooth to dial numbers or contacts, and send SMS* by speech.

*SMS feature varies regarding countries. The device for Your country may not have SMS feature depending on BT spec.
Allows you to see your friends online* and search on the map.

*Requires GPRS connection.
Wave CE
World First Full-time Speech Controlled 5.0 inch road assistant.

Forget about usual systems that you know so far.
Consider an assistant system supports gps navigation, onboard diagnostic, GPRS connectivity, GSM and instant messaging which you can safely interact while driving.
Media station
It plays everything!

The media player supports most known formats such as mp3, mp4, mpg, mpeg, avi, HD, mkv, aac, ac3, wmv, wma, wav and more..

The smart system let users
speak to search  and play media files by artist or song name while either navigation map is running or not.

Enjoy the Music&Video!
Users are able to enjoy and control the music and video by media player top bar component, while navigation map is running.

More safe!
Allows drivers play video files in the small window just like listening music without interrupting drivers warn on the road. If so    video displaying is disabled while map is acting. Additionaly, the Full screen mode is available as well.

10 Band Equalizer and Pre-Amp controls allow you hit the beat.

Users are able to connect the device to AUX input of the car deck by using the cable comes out of the box.
OBD II Diagnostic
Diagnose your car!

You can now diagnose your car by using the OBD-II cable comes with your device. Just connect it to OBDII socket of your car then mini usb socket of your device.

Device will show you instant sensor values such as  oil temp, water temp, throttle position, RPM, Speed, Oxygen sensors come from your car and fault codes if you have check engine light is ON.
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GPS Navigation
Speak for an address!

The system allows you to enter address by speech.

Speech and map integration is 2-way user experience which applies content correction on driver's input.